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Registration Fees

Fall 2020 Registration is Open!

Please contact the Registration Director for more details on registration.

Jan Wise Registration Director

Concession Stand Duty

Please remember all teams are required to volunteer in the concession stand one time per season. FCAA is the best because of their family's dedication and support. Thank you in advance! FCAA STRONG!


LEAGUE FEE (late fee may apply) AGE (as of April 30, 2020)
T-BALL INST $130 4-5 YRS
ROOKIE $140 7-8 YRS
MINORS $140 9-10 YRS
MAJORS $140 11-12 YRS
JUNIORS $150 13-15 YRS


LEAGUE FEE (late fee may apply) AGE (as of 12/31/2019)
6U $130 4-6 YRS
8U $130 6-8 YRS
10U $130 9-10 YRS
12U $130 9-12 YRS
16U $140 13-16 YRS


ALL of Baseball and Softball registrations after Monday, August 17, 2020 will have a $20 late fee


Important notes about registering online

Use the same username and password you set-up last season. The system will remember you and bring up all your information.


If you haven't signed up to join our website you must do so before registering online. Once you sign-up you will receive an email confirmation that you must confirm email address to become an active member. So keep a look out for it in you inbox and possible junkmail box.


Have questions about registering? Take a look at our FAQ page for helpful information.


ALL players must evaluate in their proper league age. Anyone desiring to play up one age level must indicate the request in the special request section and must be mentioned to League Director at evaluations.