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Blue Monster Field Project

The Blue Monster - Build it, and they will come....


FCAA is proud to announce the completion of the Field 5 Improvements! 


Baseball… the greatest sport ever invented, has brought so many of our kids and families together over the years. Fort Caroline has always been a hot bed of baseball talent since our birth in 1998.  Some of our kids have moved on to their adult life taking some of life’s lessons baseball teaches them, some have tried out and made their middle school teams. Several have gone on to play high school baseball with the dream of making it to the bigs still in tact… A handful of our kids have made it onto a college roster somewhere in Florida or Georgia… A few have actually been drafted by Major League Baseball. 
The executive board at Fort Caroline have made some really great decisions over the last couple of years that will allow our high school aged kids who still want to play baseball a place to play. They realized with 8 teams at the 15u level that our young men still want to play this great game.  The first thing we had to do was move the fence back to accommodate 18u games to be played. The Blue Monster Project actually started around 2005 with little to no success. These things take time and once we were finally granted permission from the city to enlarge the outfield by redirecting the retention pond, we were off to the races. Underground stormwater basins were put in, then dirt was brought in to fill the old retention area, irrigation pipe was laid and sod was put down.
    The plans for the Blue Monster fence were carried out and construction was complete by Spring of 2015. The celebration was capped off by a wonderful Kickoff to All Star Season party and unveiling of the Blue Monster Project with an alumni game and an amazing fireworks display! The center field distance now stands at 377 feet compared to 300 before. Left field still stands at 269 feet down the line but with a wall that’s 15 feet high, it will take about a 300 foot shot to clear the Blue Monster. There’s no other park in town like field 5 and since our kids will now spend up to 6 years playing on this field, it’s time we take pride and good care of field 5.  Our sons will move to this field at the age of 13 (some of them 12) and can play up until the age of 18. In comparison, they are only on the tee ball field 2-3 years and just 2 years each on the other fields between tee ball and field 5.
         With a generous donation for field 5 improvements the next big step was taken to ensure that this will be and remain the best field that rec ball in Jacksonville can offer. A mini brick wall backstop was designed and put into place giving it a real Major League look and feel. A new backstop fence was also put in and to top it all off, a dual bullpen down in the left field so pitchers can double up while getting their assigned number of pitches thrown per week in practice. Since so many of our players are now making their high school teams, it was time to show off our talent and our new field improvements. IBC Baseball is a company out of Clearwater, Florida who go from town to town in and around Central and South Florida to conduct College Showcase Workouts… A phone call was made and arrangements for us to host such an event right here at FCAA… On December 5th, IBC conducted their first College Showcase at our park and they were very happy with the turnout. With 25 participants and 7 colleges represented, IBC were so pleased with the event and have discussed holding 2-3 showcases per year at out park.
   Things are looking up at FCAA and now with our players’ dreams in tact, field 5 now offers a clear path to those dreams… the rest is up to them. 


Special thanks go to: FCAA Board, Mint Magazine, Tremron, Anderson Pavers Inc, Affordable Fencing, Jax Fence Depot, BSN Sports, Florida Carter, Register General Contrator, LP Construction and Contracting Inc.

Blue Monster Project

Check out the new story that profiled our very own Tony Newman that aired on Jan 18th on River City Live.

Tony is a driving force behind what makes FCAA STRONG!!

Support the Blue Monster Lighting Project

The Blue Monster Project could use YOUR HELP to make it SPECTACULAR! Light poles are needed to help fill in the gaps and make the visibility better in Center Field.  If you want to help Donations can be made by visiting:


All proceeds directly benefit the children of our community and promote the game they love.  FCAA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization so all donations are 100% tax deductible. Thank you in advance for all your continued support.

New Brick Backstop

New double bullpen "The Pen"