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FCAA Advanced Baseball

Advanced Baseball Program (AB)

Ft Caroline Athletic Association offers an advanced baseball program for some of its more "skilled" players.  The advanced baseball program is an extension of and complement to the recreational baseball leagues.  As such, the FCAA advanced baseball program schedules its activities to co-exist with the recreational baseball program.  A participant in the advanced program is also required to participate with a FCAA recreational team during the Spring season. During the Fall season, players who are not registered on a FCAA rec team can participate in the FCAA Advanced Baseball program for a $50 fee as long as they have a paid registration for another Fall sport and played rec ball at FCAA during the previous Spring season.

The advanced baseball program provides players with  higher skill levels and passion for playing an opportunity to play/develop in highly competitive baseball environments with and against similar programs throughout the City facing better pitching, hitting, defense and speed. There are no rotation rules or minimum playing time requirements in advanced baseball.  Thus, playing time decisions are at the discretion of the advanced baseball manager for his or her particular age group.

It is a competitive program and each player is required to try out and have a certain skill level in order to participate.  Although participation in the advanced baseball program is not mandatory to play on all-stars, participation in the advanced program does provide greater opportunity to players wishing to make the all-star teams.  In short, the probable all-stars coaches have had a chance to see them play games at an advanced level.

Managers that express a desire to coach an advanced baseball team are selected by peer coaches in their respective leagues.  The number of teams will depend on the talent pool available/interested within each age group.

If a player makes one of the advanced baseball teams, there are additional costs associated with participation in order to cover uniform costs and umpire fees.

AB Try-Outs

Advance Baseball and Softball Try-outs

Juniors -  TBA

Majors -  Field 4  

Minors - Field 3
Rookie - Field 6
T Ball -  Field 2

Softball   FCAA West