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Volunteer Badges

ALL Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Parent(s) must be listed on a Team Roster to apply for a COJ Volunteer Badge.

The City of Jacksonville and FCAA requires all Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Parent(s) to have a COJ Volunteer Badge each year. If you plan on coaching, being assistant coach and/or anticipate helping on the field during practice, in the dugout or on the field during the season you must be listed on a team's roster to receive a 2019 COJ Badge. Contact the COJ Parks and Recreation Department to schedule an appointment to apply for a badge. Badges will be picked up by the a FCAA representative and handed out. Once you receive your badge it must be worn at all times when interacting with players. 

If you have a badge from 2018 you will need to fill out a Continuation Form and return to the Athletic Director at least 3 weeks before the season begins. Click the link below to download the Continuation Form.

If you don't have a badge you need to send your name and team name to the Head Coach, as soon as possible. The info will be turned into the League Director. Your request for a badge will only be considered if it comes from a League Director. Your name will be placed on a list with the COJ which will allow you to make an appointment to receive a badge. If your name is not on the list you will not be allowed, by the COJ, to receive a badge.

12U(A) All-Star Rules for Cooperstown

FCAA has formed a Cooperstown Committee to govern the selection of the 12U(A) All-Star Team going to Cooperstown.

Player Required Qualifications:

  • Any registered FCAA player age 12 or under is eligible to try out for the 12U(A) All-Star team.
  • A player must have played the past 3 Spring seasons of Rec ball at FCAA to be eligible for the 12U(A) All-Star team.
  • Players not meeting the qualifications may submit in writing/email an appeal/exemption request form to the Athletic Director and/or to at least 4 days PRIOR to the scheduled 12U(A) All-Star team evaluations.

The Cooperstown Committee and FCAA Executive Board will review all requests and make all approvals/disapprovals. Download the Appeal/Exemption Form for complete rules and form.